Living in Guanajuato: Mineral de Pozos is an Option!

If you are looking at Guanajuato Real Estate in Central Mexico there are several options of styling and places to buy. San Miguel de Allende is an obvious choice for many…a Conde Nast top pick in 2014. Upwards of 10K Americans the international presence is strong. The architecture captivates the newcomers for sure. Not to mention the great restaurants, art galleries, colonial tiendas, organic groceries, cultural events and more.guanajuato real estate

But, it is not the only place to be. If you want a college town vibe, check out Guanajuato City. The mountainous terrain and tunnels under the city are captivating. The Centro is closed off to cars..stroll in peace.El Dorado

For an authentic wild-west experience, try Mineral de Pozos. Home to cobblestone streets and century old mines, a 400 year old church, and plenty of fresh air at 7500 feet above sea level…where cowboys reign. Plaid shirts, machetes, cowboy hats and Wrangler jeans. Sexy and old-time Mexico…in the present day.guanajuato real estate

For most, international living, is a pipe dream. For the daring, adventurous, and savvy, buying in Guanajuato can be a primary residence for lower cost of living, non-reportable real estate asset, and a Plan B if things should get uglier in the home country.guanajuato real estate

Buying offshore does require information and thought. Central Mexico is fast becoming the quintessential safe-haven pick for those wanting to diversify and see life differently.guanajuato real estate

The creative lifestyle has much to offer. The mindset needs to be ready and willing and the sunshine and beautiful countryside can take over.

Everything is available here now too. Antea Mall just 35 minutes from Pozos or San Miguel has anything your heart desires. The largest mall in Latin America has helped put Central Mexico on the map.guanajuato real estate

Excellent medical care to boot. Medical tourism in Mexico is #2 behind Thailand. Plastic surgery, dental care, skin care, hip replacements, etc….are all within an hours drive. Organic meat, chicken, veggies, fruit, all at local markets.guanajuato real estate

Architects skilled at building and implementing grey water catchment and more. Ironwork, tilework, furniture making, and antiques help make for a creative adventure in building and designing unlike anywhere globally.guanajuato real estate

Buying Guanajuato real estate is affordable, easy and safe….if you practice safe buying. Use a Notario. Request an escrow service. Ask to see the Escritura (deed) before buying to ensure the name on the title is the name of the seller. Buy title insurance. Have legal documents for everything in writing. Make sure you are comfortable with your purchase before signing anything. A purchase agreement  called the ‘Compra Venta’ should outline all items of the sale including timelines, deposits, and terms of sale. Your application to buy in Mexico is done with the Notario as well before closing. Ask questions! Always keep the original Escritura with you in a safe place. Keep copies as well. And then enjoy! Contact me if you have questions. kelly cowboy daynada

  1. Stephanie Humphrey says:

    Happy to see your website up and running again! love your writing and marketing style. I’m still have presence in Las Barrancas but only get to Posos once or sometimes twice a year! how do feel about the Pueblo Magico and can you tell a difference? Do you think real estate sales will improve in the next 2 years? take care, Stephanie

    1. Pozos says:

      Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the acknowledgement! Pueblo Magico has made a difference for sure. Infrastructure has improved tremendously. Power lines in the Centro are being buried too! LOTS of stone construction and many renovations. Some excellent businesses like a new farm to table continental cuisine cafe which is often with a line waiting to get in!!! 🙂
      The new tourist center is taking off with a new dance studio and bike shop giving tours throughout Pozos and the countryside…bike trail is new and 30 km of terrain. Lots to do! I am opening a new vintage jewelry cafe in the ruins totally outdoors and surrounded by gardens. There is a lovely antique shop too where Nick and Manrey used to be. So many new adventures. Saludos!

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