Afraid to Buy in Mexico? I Bought into Mineral de Pozos!

What in the heck has an American buy into Mineral de Pozos? And how dare anyone buy in Mexico. A common sentiment. Come for a visit then and just buy jewelry! I feel fortunate to be in Mexico as the world malaise unfolds. Actually, I think it is likely one of the safest havens globally. Laugh if you will, but have you done your homework and are you paying attention?mineral de pozos real estateDiversify internationally into real estate before you are caught off guard and you no longer can.mineral de pozos real estateOpportunities are endless. Entrepreneurial accomplishments very possible. Reduce your tax burden. Buy vegetables locally. Shop at Antea’s beautiful Latin American international mall. Drink water…Mineral de Pozos is on a riverbed. Be a part of a growing community. Learn to speak Spanish and make paradigm shifts. Good for the spirit and the brain to stay young. Get out of your comfort zone and live life!live life in mineral de pozosAnd, come and see our new vintage jewelry shop built in ruins, capturing south sun for our lovely wild west garden in mineral de pozosbuy in mineral de pozos mexico

Buy, rent, start a business. Enjoy low taxes, easy to do business. Sunshine, fresh air, happy people. Ride horses. Ride bikes on our 30km bike trail through the mountains and the ruins. Take professional dance lessons from a US certified ballroom instructor. Take walks, garden, breathe in the simple pleasures. Contact me if you want to learn more about any of it! And, view our new web page with tons of pics and jewelry for sale.

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