Amazing Location for a Corner City Lot w/Sweeping Views.

673 sq. meters of bright lot with south face.amazing location corner lot

Caliche stone and adobe block surround the lot. Cistern is in corner behind tree. city lot for sale

Ready for doors and a stable or home with views.corner lot amazing location

Asking $39,000 USD. Deed is clear. Nice neighborhood on edge of town about four blocks from Centro. Amazing location at a great price.

amazing location in pozosPozos is a new Pueblo Magico. The town infrastructure, water and electric, have been updated in the last year. Access to San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro are both within an hour for major grocery buying, banking, movies, shopping etc.

You can also do all of this in San Luis de La Paz just ten minutes away. A local town with 150K people and private schools, banking, groceries, hardware and more.

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