The Business of Living from New York to Bejing

From New York to Bejing…protecting ones’ sanity and wealth are important. Are governments off the rails? Are banks insolvent? Do you think a simpler life is key and perhaps a smart move? If I had to answer, a resounding yes to all three. It is easy to stay in the paradigm…comfort and knowingness keep us there. But what will happen if things blow up and it is too late to ‘get out of dodge’?

I got out before I knew what I was doing. Only knew it was time for a change. Today, six years later, after leaving, I am beyond grateful. No more weekends at the mall. Instead, a bootcamp we call ‘the business of living’. We, my family and me, are developing an international entrepreneurial existence. From dedicated and certified dance instructor building a team of Mexican youth to take to Nationals in Mexico, to a writer/graphics designer who travels the world now with only her laptop as her only overhead, to a young couple learning to run a cafe, to my youngest who wants to breed thoroughbred horses one day…(only 15 years old). All of them flourishing and happy.

We live as a family! Yes, I know, Americans kick the kids out on graduation. Not us. We have busted up every paradigm we had. Is it rough? Yes, some days we have crying and screaming matches. We are all still here. business of living in mexico

I looked at wealth preservation in the stock market and decided early on, the best investment was in my kids. It is paying off in spades. No attachment to the corrupt markets, hence no risk. There are some extreme advantages to living in a small town in Mexico. Our business of living transcends the 9-5 and a paycheck. We have structured our lives to be responsibly out of the tax system in the USA as well…which takes practice and knowledge. Most people, I find, just assume leaving there home country allows them to ignore the tax system. This is incorrect and I often wonder how people sleep at night thinking they are above the law. A dangerous game to play when broke governments are looking for money…it will always come off the backs of civilians.

On that note, what about protecting your pension, your cash, your precious metals….aggressive sanctions which are occurring all over the world should make one realize no one country is exempt from ravaging the bank accounts and belongings of the common man. Mexico understands wealth preservation with gold and silver. Legally, the US government can confiscate precious metals any time.  And, not sure I trust the Chinese government not to follow suit. business of living

Plan B and an evaluation of your business of living may land you in another country if you are willing to take on the adventure and allow for a new way of being. Doug Casey says the best wealth protection one can have has three critical components: live in one country, have your passport in another, and your bank account in yet another. Think about it. Mexico has many faults but many opportunities not available anywhere else in the world. Yes, the world. A bold statement coming from a woman with four kids living in the Wild West.

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