The Window of Opportunity is Closing…Diversify Your Wealth

I have lived outside the USA now for seven years. I miss some things, yes, but mostly it is the best choice I ever made. When I read the ‘talking heads’ news from the USA, I could not be more afraid for people without a Plan B.

Yes, it is tough to uproot and work through new beginnings. Perhaps though, it will be more ridiculous and painful when the ‘developed economies’ go sideways.

Markets are rigged, hedge funds are going out of business yearly or simply closing their doors in disgust. Cyber thieves are going crazy and the US seems to be a very profitable target.

I think living in an emerging market allows people to live off-the-radar in many ways and create wealth protection from targeted nations.

Cash is now a new evil. Governments want to track your every move digitally. The window of opportunity is closing rapidly and I fear soon, moving cash to emerging markets like Mexico will be a real ordeal if it is even possible in the near future.

Real estate is one of the best ways to diversify and protect your money. When you buy, many banks will allow you to open a bank account (not the case in many countries especially if you are American). With an offshore account, you can then take advantage of exchange rates in different currencies, buy gold and silver coins, and have a haven when things get ‘too real’ at home.

Not suggesting, at all, to hide, break laws, or avoid taxes…on the contrary. If a Plan B was ever needed it is now. Keeping cash in banks is tenuous at best. If you do proper research and use intelligent informed people in your country of choice, learning about real estate, banking, currency exchange and more will aid in any transition and allow for smart and safe choices with your money. Diversify your wealth before the window of opportunity is closed. Head in the sand cartoons are everywhere. Don’t let that be you too late.

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