Americans Investing in Mexico…the ‘New’ Swiss Bank Account

Americans investing in Mexico have not only a Plan B if needed but a ‘safe haven’ and the only non-reportable asset to the IRS. americans investing in mexico

It is definitely not a knee-jerk thought for most. Protecting wealth in the ‘greatest’ nation not considered a necessity. Or, head-in-the-sand mentality. The slippery slope of a broke government can wreak havoc on your savings. It is not unwise to protect what is yours. americans investing in mexico

Moving cash to buy offshore is still allowed but don’t count on it in the years to come. Capital controls are tightening. Americans are renouncing their citizenships at an unprecedented rate. The Dodd Frank law can be implemented overnight. The US government is more in debt than any time in history. Plan on intervention. pozos real estate

The reasons to choose real estate for your ‘Swiss bank account’ are re-enforced by a longtime publication International Man. My reasons to choose Mexico are plentiful and include lower cost of living, extremely low property taxes, less stressful lifestyle, more sunshine, ability to buy and hold gold and silver easily without laws for confiscation, ease of travel back to USA when required, affordable fresh veggies on every corner to mention a few. See the recent article from Huffington Post on retiring in affordable Mexico.

americans investing in mexicoThese photos represent a beautiful residence for sale in Central Mexico. 30 minutes drive to largest mall in Latin America, 45 minutes from Condé Nast favorite San Miguel de Allende or Queretaro (Mexico’s fastest growing city 1.5M). Hospitals, medical tourism, banking, organic grocers, grass fed beef, a thriving arts community…we have it all in Guanajuato, Mexico.