Build Your Small House Elegance…under $140,000 USD.

Simply put for small house elegance: buy a lot for under $15K USD. Design a space under 1300-1400 sq. ft. with a loft-style look. Fewer walls, pared down. Your exciting elements can be light on 3-4 sides, high ceilings, passive solar facing south, and great vintage furniture and eclectic notions. A few solar panels for electric. Water-catching into tenaco tank with purification system. Polished concrete floors and kitchen counter.small house elegance

The focus: enjoy the town, the views, the people, the relaxation. Travel Mexico and have a fabulous home to return to. Retire in style without spending a large chunk of money. Rent it out if you want to have an income while you are away. Pozos is in great need of short or long term rentals. Airbnb and Bookings are popular for tourists in Mineral de Pozos.

Best part: we are centrally located in Mexico. We do not and never have had, earthquakes. We do not have hurricanes. We do have sunshine and dry, warm weather much like Provence, France. Rosemary, lavender, sunflowers and lots of cactus grow without maintenance.

We have access to great hospitals, movie theaters, Latin Americas largest high-end mall, Antea, Home Depot, Costco and much more, all within 45 minutes in Queretaro (1.5M people) or San Miguel de Allende (75K people). Creative everything is why people continue to visit and/or retire here. Buying is safe (if you work with professionals). Healthcare is world-class. The views are stunning. The history and the people fascinating. Over 1.5 million people from the USA and Canada live in Mexico now. Quality of life and cost of living are important factors. Know what you want, have a budget, and be willing to set out on a new adventure.

I have worked on several design projects and renovations in Pozos. I have been here with my family for almost nine years. I make it my business to learn and notice everything. (background in design in the USA). Read more about building in Mexico.

If you are inspired, contact me. It never hurts to open a dialogue about what is possible. We are currently low on housing (lots of investing happening). So building is key to be in Pozos right now. There are good ways and not so good ways to build with small house elegance and have the home you desire. Inquire here. Happy trails…Kelly