Living the Sweet Life in Mineral de Pozos: Step by Step in Mexico

Living the Sweet Life in Mineral de Pozos has to sound funny because the wild west is an extraordinary adventure. I love horses, the cobblestone rolling hills through town, the constant sunshine, the warm days and cool nights. The starry skies, the full moon when it cycles shines right outside my bedroom window and I lay in its’ light all night.sweet life in mineral de pozos

I came to Pozos almost 9 years ago with the goal being life without a car, harkening back to my happiest days as a child running free on Lookout Mountain, Georgia/Tennessee. Small town, freedom, community, vistas, sunshine. Simplicity. Pozos allows for this life.

Now, because I spent 30 years in the city, I, we, my family have certain desires. The largest new outdoor shopping mall, Antea, is door to door, 30 minutes away (I love my taxi driver): Mac store, New Balance, Zara, Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, P.F. Changs, Sephora, Starbucks etc…really anything you want/need. A huge City Market with skin care, wines, designer water, pharmacy, fresh food, cafes etc…it is ALL here in Central Mexico.sweet life in pozos

The fastest and most advanced area in Mexico, the states of Guanajuato and Queretaro are the place to be. 7 hours to the beach to the west and the east by car, or bus. Planes too but much faster. International airport of Queretaro (QRO) is an hour and 15 away. Gorgeous all marble well-run airport. Easy, cuota highway access.

Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Costco 55 minutes drive (just past Antea Mall). Several word-class hospitals in the same area. QRO is about 10K strong with Americans and internationals.

San Miguel de Allende has even more Americans/Canadians and international community. A lovely UNESCO colonial town. Once quiet and quaint, now busy and more busy on weekends. A Conde Nast favorite rating SMA a top spot to retire. This Starbucks is in SMA. A hotspot all day long.

50 minutes drive from Pozos (a quieter version of colonial). Most of the 50-80 American/Canadians in Pozos take weekly jaunts to SMA to have lunch, go to the bank, get organic specialty items and head back home to tranquility.

san miguel

SMA also has an established health community with naturopaths, homeopaths, and allopathics all available. A few new hospitals have been built. There is UNIMED for quick needs, English-speaking physicians, and helicopter on standby for emergency airlifts. Owned and managed by an American company. It is a great place to know about for immediate peace of mind.

You can have it all living in Pozos. Fresh air with humming birds everywhere. Little local cafes, tiendas with fruits and veggies, local clinics for quick health needs, but 10 minutes to large grocery and several banking options, hardware stores, paint stores etc. for home repairs. One of the prettiest hotels in all of Mexico too for your guests when they come to visit.sweet life in mineral de pozos

Mineral de Pozos boasts the longest bike trail in Mexico. 30km through the hills and ruins. A bike shop for gear rental and the tour guide is top biker in Mexico. We are in horse country. Expect to see cowboys ride from point A to B through the streets. Ranch life is plentiful. All the locals have horses. My son says the reason he rides every afternoon is to watch the sunset over the desert terrain, he says ‘mom, it’s the best thing in life’.mineral de pozos

The community is strong. Everyone knows everyone (kinda). We have about 6K people and growing. If you are looking for rentals there are a few but hard to come by. If you want to buy, we have a few existing homes (many have sold) and if you want to buy land and build the options are fabulous depending on your needs.

Comment below of go to contact page and inquire. It is not a mature real estate market yet so prices are still lower than in SMA or QRO. Quieter too! Property taxes are about $50 to $400 a year!! Closing costs range is 2-3% of purchase price and can take 2-6 weeks to prepare docs. Escrow services available. We always use experienced reputable lawyers.

I invite you to come and experience living the sweet life in Mineral de Pozos.