Easy to Build in Mexico?

Easy to Build in Mexico? In short, yes! Many areas in this state of Guanajuato have architects, builders and an abundance of stone, marble, granite to construct your dream home, be it big or small. Here in Pozos, it is no different.

Supplies are easily accessible even tough we are 45 minutes from the bigger cities. We have cement, wood, stone within 10 minutes for basic building needs and 45 minutes for more elaborate choices.

We work with professional architects who provide detailed building plans in every aspect of the build. A specific timeframe from day one. Penalty clauses if delivered late are common now and honored. All information is thoroughly discussed before any contract is signed.

You can literally plan for every detail ahead of time. You can go rustic with antique pieces for cupboards in kitchen and bathrooms, or sleek from many new design resources in Queretaro, Leon or San Miguel de Allende.

You can provide photos and samples of the styling you prefer to start to guide the architect in generating your plans. A new build with high ceilings with about 2200 sq. ft. can go up in about 6 -8 months start to finish for one floor standard design home. If you want to be on site weekly, it is a great idea so the little details are exactly as you choose.

easy to build in mexico
Kitchen with doors onto the backyard. Stone was salvaged from same place as the coney isalnd boardwalk. Shelves are reclaimed scaffolding.

Building can be stressful, granted. But, if you work with professionals who are familiar with Pozos with their own work crew, you will be happy. I have provided many ideas in with a modern bent on this site and links to a Pinterest page I built for clients to get inspired. If you want a Provence Meets Pozos vibe check out this page.easy to build in mexico

Yes, it is easy to build in Mexico! Just be smart at the beginning and follow up weekly if you are off site. If you can, rent here and keep an eye on the project as you go!