Developer Wanted for Low Cost Homes to Rent or Sell…Buy and Build, then Rent or Flip!

Developer Wanted for Low Cost Homes to Rent or Sell…Buy and Build, then Rent or Flip! Mineral de Pozos is in need of homes. Many people looking to retire or build a second home in this quaint Pueblo Magico town. The weather, the ruins, the colonial everything are captivating visitors both nationally and internationally.

There many experienced architects to choose from in the process from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato City area, Queretaro  and locally. There are also people here who can assist with translations, permits, ordering supplies, etc…a growing international community in place to help with investment projects throughout the area.

1200 sq. ft. to 2200 sq.ft. seems to be the requested size range for a home. One floor only too! Homes for sale or rent in Pozos are slim to none. Under $150K USD is a definite sweet spot too! The world economy is dictating simplicity and affordability. Go with the trend.

Buying lots in Pozos can be a lengthier process in some instances. Many locals have never sold in their lifetime and paperwork may need to be updated. We use reputable, efficient lawyers to effectively provide clean titles. It can take 2 to 6 months is some cases. other lots, with existing deeds can close a sale in 8-10 days! Again, we use experienced Notarios to close sales. This part of Mexico is the fastest growing and hence, the legal process is also accountable and easy. Closing costs can range from 2-4% of sale price for buyers.

Developer wanted! We can help with building a return on your money. Many talented engineers, stone layers, and experienced builders available too! Email us at