Build This Home Anywhere in Town!

build this home anywhere Price includes lot of 250sq.meters. Construction is 246.9 sq.m and two levels. 2 bedrooms up and one on first level. Three bathrooms. Gas fireplace in the living room. Price includes kitchen cupboards/sink, red tile or travertine marble floors, bathrooms w/toilets, sink, cupboards, beamed ceiling in kitchen, cistern for city water. build this home anywhere5,412,000 pesos (about $295K USD at today’s rate). Price without lot (just construction) is $4,445,000pesos (today’s rate is $241,532 USD).

About 8 months to build. Professional architect with experienced oversight of the job. A binder with plans of all aspects provided upfront for utilities, elevations and layouts. Deposit on signing with scaled payment schedule provided. build this house anywhere

First floor layout. Move walls to suit your needs with no price change. Pick your flooring. Choose your stone for facade. Choose your paint colors. Tweak as needed! build this house anywhere in pozosCall me at 468 127 0044 for appt to see lots and meet with the architect. Or, leave comment below.

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Regards, Elizabeth