Advantages in Buying Small Town Mexico. Pandemic Ready.

Advantages in Buying Small Town Mexico. Pandemic Ready. With 400 year old church and families that go back generations, the locals know well how to get by. This, is a strong advantage for people who are looking to weather the unprecedented pandemic and financial turbulence in a town of less than 6000. Fresh veggies daily (farm to table). Eat local always!

centro stone home in Pozos

Learning from the people who have less than, with the willingness to survive the enormous storm, create a recipe for getting through to the other side. I moved here 11 years ago with this intention. Leaving a big city and the chaotic life that is a given, I struggled to be okay with a day without water or electricity. Or a few hours without high-speed internet weekly. I embraced (after about 6 years) the ideas of saving our precious resources. Recycling everything! Creating self-awareness between need and want. Cars sold years ago. A walking or taxi lifestyle. Quiet and serene.for sale in centro

Getting small, a concept. I live in a mansion. I exist on very little with a sparingly healthy diet and a blessed life with my daughter and grandson. In all this sunshine and beauty amongst authentic Mexican culture, I thrive. I endure. A renegade watching the demise of the American way of life.sweet life in mineral de pozos

Our mansion (mini) is for sale. I am sad to leave. however, the ocean is where I want to spend my last years. Within all of my happiness and simple adventures, I have lived the last five years without my husband. He went back to the US because Mexico was not as captivating for him as it was for me. We will meet up as soon as the house sells, to live out our days on the beach of his homeland. The circle of life complete.ruins for sale above Pozos

I invite you to inquire on our digs. Hand-built stone home with a lap pool, purified water throughout. Selling furnished. A real estate business can be included if you choose. A handbook too, of everything I know on navigating this area: healthcare, organic food, shipping from USA weekly, safety, learning Spanish, banking, buying coins, employing locals for help or building projects, and learning how to bridge the gap from ‘spoiled’ to ‘open-minded’ spirit. It’s hard and it’s fabulous. If you want to flourish, be ready to step outside into the unknown. No better place than high in the Sierra Gorda at 7500 feet above sea level  to see the advantages in buying small town Mexico.

Contact Elizabeth Kelly  468 127 0044 or email me here.