Why Central Mexico Makes Great Plan B

Why central Mexico makes great Plan B:In a nutshell, dry and sunny weather for days on end, inexpensive fresh food ranging from 300% less than the USA and Canada, wildly less costly for quality healthcare, amazing architecture and artisan everything. Car insurance is less, health insurance is less, house insurance is less (my home in Mineral de Pozos has yearly tax bill of $250 USD), and anyone can do business here with very little paperwork. Mexico is magical.

Why central Mexico in particular? To be blunt, no earthquakes…we are not on any fault lines. No hurricanes. No tornadoes. Seven hours from the beach to the east of west coast. Puerta Vallarta just a car trip away. And the paid tool roads are in beautiful shape and safe to travel. Guanajuato is the state where Mineral de Pozos and San Miguel de Allende can be found. Both home to a large and growing population of Americans.

San Miguel is 45 minute drive from Pozos…organic dining, organic grocers, five star hotels, rentals and restaurants, excellent new hospital called MAC. Shipping companies who bring Amazon orders from the border every 2 weeks too! You can be the spoiled American here and reduce your stress and your overhead while experiencing all things art and dancing daily. A great retirement part of Mexico indeed.

Lastly, if you are looking to buy or rent there are many options. Buying in Mexico is safe and easy as long as you use a reputable realtor and lawyer. The process includes applying for permission to buy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Purchase Agreement, setting up an escrow if you want one, and then closing. Any deal can be closed within 2-4 weeks. All deeds are delivered a few months after closing. We also recommend having a Will made at time of closing which avoids probate years down the road.

Also be aware that the over 60 crowd receives discounts on water bill and yearly taxes and sometimes on airline tickets. Lifestyle affordability coupled with amazing quality of life are why Central Mexico makes a great Plan B. If you need help with learning all of the details of living here, please inquire.