Americans Can Cross Mexican Border Today…Rent or Buy!

Americans can cross Mexican border today. I know the news says otherwise…only non-essential travel denied. If you have a receipt for a hotel or vacation rental, you can cross. You must present it if you are asked for it. So if you are wanting to get out of the USA to chill in the sun or perhaps buy or rent real estate for the long term you absolutely may. It is easier by plane for sure, but many, many people are coming down by car.

San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico, has over 15K Americans both full or part-time residents. Here in Mineral de Pozos, we have about 70 full or part-timers. We both offer colonial or contemporary real estate for rent or for sale and we are within 45 minutes of each other. SMA (San Miguel ) has been on the Conde Nast Traveller favorites list for years. With the pandemic causing serious disruptions word-wide, people are leaving big cities and opting for smaller towns both national and international. SMA is a known favorite with about 200K residence. Mineral de Pozos is a small Pueblo Magico of about 6000 people. A quiet, authentic community in the high desert with horses, ruins, and wide open skies.

I know Mexico has its’ issues but I fear they pale in comparison to the chaos in the USA. Mexico is and has been a safe haven. Real estate is a non-reportable asset for Americans. Food is about 75% less expensive here. The country produces vegetables and fruit in abundance and the supply chains for these items never seem to break. Luxury items as imports for Mexico can break temporarily, but patience is a virtue and the sunshine and quality of life here shine daily to offset the temporary lack of non-essentials.

Anyone can live here provided you can prove you are not a criminal (present state records) and you have sufficient funds to live here. You can also start a business here after establishing temporary residency (NOT citizenship). A social security check can be deposited into a Mexican bank of your choice as well.

It is literally the easiest place to escape to for long term Plan B. With over a million and a half Americans and Canadians in Mexico, the country has its’ transition needs in place for internationals. Buying property is painless and safe as long as you use professional agents. (Some think they can come and walk the streets with small cash offers to buy…it always ends badly.) If a property has a valid and updated deed with taxes paid, technically one could close in 10 to 15 days. Property taxes here are incredibly affordable. Rates depend on the city you choose, but for instance, a luxury home in Mineral de Pozos may have assessed taxes of $250 USD a year! And if you become a resident and you are 60, you can apply for discount card and receive 10% to 40% off on the yearly bill.

If you are coming from other parts of the world other than the USA, you can fly in and out of Mexico. If an international crosses in car from USA to Mexico, you will not be able to drive back into the USA unless you have an American passport. Americans can cross Mexican border today and drive back and forth but you must have documents showing you either rent or own in Mexico to come into Mexico by car.

If you have questions, please send an inquiry.