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centro stone home in Pozos
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country estate for sale in Pozos

Mineral de Pozos is home to historic churches, century old silver mines, grand stone ruins, a 30km bike trail through the desert, the mountains and the ruins.

real estate in Pozos


Hilly terrain, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are plentiful. Fresh air, blue skies, warm days and cool nights. An entrepreneurial community of warm and friendly Mexicans sprinkled with the adventurous Internationals.

pozos real estate


Very much an outdoor lifestyle…with hacienda-style homes. Dining outside, gardening, horseback riding, walking instead of driving….this is Mineral de Pozos.

streets in Pozos 

Horseback through town is a part of life…

ty and tally on a horse2

sold home


Often people who buy here, also build their wild west dream home. The community is varied and tends to be artistic. Life here is tranquil and captivating allowing creative juices to flow.


It is not uncommon to have groups of artists or photographers come for the weekend and explore the many vistas, light and textures of our landscape. 


stone architecture and views


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