real estate for sale in guanajuato


Mineral de Pozos is an historic town in Central Mexico in the state of Guanajuato… (forty-five minutes from San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro). A quaint and quiet getaway in authentic Mexico with cobblestone streets, hills, ruins, historic churches, 30km bike trail and caballos!

a4680ff1506e444f90843b0e2e3441f4-960x360-750x360There is a slowly growing community of international expats who are buying to hold or buying to live full or part time in Pozos. All real estate sales are professional and seamless with a reputable Notario. Title insurance, escrows, and sales agreements, ‘Compra Venta’, are standard.

Go to the sublinks under PROPERTY or click here for listings: residence, land, or a business for sale.

real estate for sale in guanajuato

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